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Natalie Sommer | Simple Food & Wellness

I met Natalie Sommer in 2018. Back then she a passion for wellness and a wealth of knowledge that she wanted to share with the world - but no clear vision on how or what it looked like. She is a giver on so many levels, and truly one of the kindest souls you'll meet - plus she makes an incredible Qunio Flourless Chocolate Cake - that I swear can't be healthy but the ingredient list says otherwise. I knew in our first meeting that Natalie had the persona to build an incredible brand - and I wanted to help her streamline, create and bring this to life.

Natalie Sommer Website Design

After our brand interview process, a few brand audit sessions, patience, discussion on reiki and self-healing - it happened. We worked together to streamline her vision and her offer. Making it clear, concise and cohesive (my three favourite c's).

From there we created a logo and brand standards that would aid in her visual identity and brand development. Much of this was inspired by Natalie's personality, home and even her wardrobe! With brand colours ready and incredible photoshoot we then put together a website that was ready to "break the internet" as her husband once said to me. ;)

Branding and launching your business isn't easy. A website makes it real. But part of my process is to ensure you're ready and loving your brand experience before you share it with the world. Natalie is a perfect example of this. Now although it may have taken us a bit longer than usual it was important to me that she feel comfortable and confident with what we were putting out there. This meant letting her take time to digest, meditate and make sure this was exactly what she was looking for.

In Natalie's Words...

I knew I needed a website to start my business on the right foot, but with my very limited knowledge of website development and marketing, I decided this was a task I needed to outsource to reduce the overwhelm. 

From my first consultation with Puja, she made me feel at ease and reassured me that my website and branding strategy would meet my needs as an entrepreneur even if I didn't know quite yet what I wanted. 

The process she used to identify my needs and desires for my branding really helped narrow down what was important to me and how I should move forward.  Puja is incredibly knowledgable in her field and has a beautiful, creative style that permeates everything she creates. 

Her patience and happy personality made it a true joy to work with her.  She was very understanding and accomodating to my busy schedule and I always felt supported by her if I need more time to get it just right. 

I highly recommend Puja if you are just starting out in your own business or want to improve on what you already have, as she is a wonderful resource that will not only save you time and money in the long run but inspire you to put your very best out there for the world to see.


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