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From TV appearances to newspapers and podcasts our work, and message to empower has been featured across several platforms.  We're always looking for opportunities to continue to build our platform, advocate and share what we do. Check out the few examples below of how we are set to empower our world and yours. 


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Puja Malhotra Media

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'Girlboss' Term Faces Scrutiny

Puja joins Angie Seth to discuss why terms like 'Girlboss' are no longer empowering. 

The term ‘GirlBoss’ might be more harmful than helpful

Puja sit's down with Dina & Sid of Breakfast Television to discuss why the term #GirlBoss does more harm than good.

Realities of Racism: Support for Women Entrepreneurs

Puja joins Bukky Wonda & Angie Seth to discuss the lack of support for Women Entrepreneurs and what we can do to change this. 


Real Talk with Meera E. | Episode 22 | Sunday November 6 2022.png

Real Talk with Meera E on Flow 98.7

Puja joins Meera E and Stacy Kong (writer and founder of Friday Things), to co-host and chat about living in an immigrant household, chasing her dreams and why she hates the term #girlboss. 


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People Undergoing Fertility treatments need greater flexibility at work

Puja shares her journey with infertility as she advocates for more flexibility at work for women and men undergoing fertility and throughout parenthood. 


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