Frequently asked questions


Can we work together if we don't live in the same city?

Yes, of course! I've worked with many people outside of my city and country. Technology has made this possible and virtual meetings are a wonderful way to connect.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, a non-refundable deposit is required to secure your project spot. All project deposits are non-refundable. Deposits are used to secure your project spot in our schedule. This ensures that we give each client an appropriate amount of time and support they deserve.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We work with many entrepreneurs and understand that branding and custom design can be a large investment in your business. We offer flexible plans that work with your timelines. Just let us know before we sign the contract and we will layout a custom plan for you.

What if things change and I need to reschedule my project?

Upon confirming the project with a signed contract you will be required to review and the project schedule. Prior to signing the contract, we can go over all deadlines to ensure it is possible for both parties. If we are half-way through the project and your commitment to the agreed timelines change you can request for your project to be rescheduled to a later date. Please note this will require an additional fee "anticipation fee" for the time required to complete the rest of the project. The anticipation fee is only set should the project be delayed over 2 months.

How do we communicate?

Complimentary 30-min consultations are held over the phone. Once we get started our initial consultation is held either in person or virtually over Zoom.
Feedback & Post-Project Coaching is done virtually over Zoom so that we can easily share screens. If you prefer to send feedback via email, just let us know and we will make note of it in our contract. However, this does not change the price of your project. Feedback however cannot be provided via Text or Whatsapp.

What happens if there is a delay on my end in providing feedback?

All our projects are pre-booked and timelines are planned to ensure each client is getting the utmost attention. This also means that you're paying upfront to secure the service being completed by the designated date. For us to meet the deadlines, we provide 5 business days for you to send feedback. This is set up to ensure that we meet your project deadlines accordingly. Should timelines not be met on your end it will result in a fee due to the extra time added to the project deadline. To avoid this please let us know your availability as soon as possible.

How often can I revise my designs in the process?

Generally, our clients don't need to revise the initial designs we provide but rather just make edits and adjustments. However, you will be allocated 2 opportunities to request a full revision on any project.

I have a rush on my branding - can we speed things up?

We've carefully crafted our process, knowing and understanding how long it takes to build beautiful and authentic designs. We understand smaller projects may have different timelines which we are happy to review with you prior to you signing on. However, we do not change our process for larger projects. With over 75 successful projects we ask that you trust our process!

How do you accept payment?

You will receive an electronic invoice via PayPal and can make payments using any credit or debit card.

If you prefer EMT please let us know in advance.

What if I need a design service that isn't offered on your website?

As a team of graphic designers, the sky is your limit when it comes to designing. Just let us know in your contact form and we will be happy to send you a custom quote.

Who is responsible to back up all files?

Although we do back-up and save all our files it is your responsibility to ensure you have all final back-ups.


What's a brand style guide and why do I need it?

A brand style guide shows you how to use your branding. This is also something that should be sent along with your logo any time you are sponsoring or collaborating on an event or if another designer may be using your logo. Our brand style guides include the variations of your logo, your colour palette with codes, font palettes as well as any brand assets. This document varies from client to client as it is curated with your brand in mind.

What format do I get my logo design in?

Logos will be sent in all variations in EPS and PNG format. For an alternative format, please let us know upon booking.

Why is my initial design in black only?

We want our clients to focus on the design and generally, colour is associated with different emotions for different people. That's why we always start in black and white and work our way into colour after.

What do I need prior to getting started?

After signing our contract and getting the admin work out of the way we will send you our brand interview. Once it is filled out and we receive it we will book our initial 60-min consultation with you.

Do you print brand assets/stationery?

We do not provide printing services but do have printing partners that we are happy to connect you with!

Do you purchase fonts for me?

We do not - for the reason that we want you to own the license! However we are happy to walk you through the process and offer web-alternative fonts with most of our packages, which are generally free.

I just need a logo - not full branding, can you help?

There is so much more to building your brand than just a logo. Your full brand development allows your business to flourish where as your logo is only a small component of this. These supporting elements help establish you as a business.


What platforms do you create websites on?

We choose platforms based on our clients needs. In our initial phone consultation we will get to know you on a high-level and at that time can confirm which platform may best suit you. We currently work with Wix, Wordpress and Shopify.

What do I need prior to getting started on my website?

For all website projects, we ask that you collect all your copy and brand photography before your project start date. For us to get creative and build a functional website we must have all the content we're playing with upfront. Similar to how you want all the puzzle pieces before building the puzzle!

Does your studio provide brand photographer?

We do not, however, we do have people we love to work with that we can recommend to you!

Does your studio provide copywriting?

This isn't standard in our package, however we do offer copywriting upon request for a fee. We do not assist in any legal pages, and this will be something you will have to connect with a lawyer for.

Is the website domain and hosting fee included?

This is not included and purchased outside of our package. Once we are ready to go live with the website we will set-up a phone call where we will walk you through the steps of setting up your host. If you have already purchased a domain, please let us know and ensure you're able to provide us with access.

Do you offer SEO?

We will set up basic SEO on your website but you will have to connect with a SEO expert if you're looking for more.

What if I need to change some text after the site is live?

We provide a 60-min coaching session after your website is live. This ensures you feel empowered and know how to post a blog, change minor text, update an image and even send out newsletters!

Will you teach me how to post a blog or send a newsletter?

We provide a 60-min coaching session after your website is live. This ensures you feel empowered and know how to post a blog, change minor text, update an image and even send out newsletters!

Which CMS platform is the best?

No one platform is better than the other, we choose a platform based on your business needs. This could mean opting for a WordPress, Wix or even Shopify website that will help you manage and grow your business.

Do certain CMS platforms have better SEO?

SEO is built on a lot of factors but your CMS isn't one of them. We make sure the CMS platforms we choose provide the best basic SEO solutions.