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CTV NEWS: GirlBoss’ term faces scrutiny

This past Sunday I had the honour of joining Angie Seth on CTV News to discuss why terms like 'Girlboss' are not empowering and instead creates a culture of burnout and stress, promotes a lack of diversity and makes us sound like little "girls" in a man's world.

Entrepreneurs especially those who identify as women have been sold this idea that the 'Girlboss' culture is empowering. However, the deeper we dive the more we realize that this encourages a workaholic and hustle mentality which does nothing to reflect on the realities of being a woman in the workplace. Terms and phrases like this are never used for our male counterparts. This encourages separation and takes us further away from that seat at the table.


  1. Use your power to influence conversation. First, we need to stop using the term #Girlboss, instead, just call yourself a boss. More inclusive language and behaviours will allow society to shift its views.

  2. The government needs to step up. The government should provide better support for women entrepreneurs. They can do this through incentive programs that go beyond mentorship and encourage financial support for diverse business models. For example, providing grants can help women expand their businesses even when they are not traditional brick and mortars. Supporting women in their business journey will help ensure they don’t fall into the hustle culture created by #Girlboss and promote diversity in business.

  3. Big business needs to do their part. Organizations supporting women entrepreneurs need to move away from services or products that encourage the #Girlboss culture. A shift in marketing can help lead to changes which foster both advocacy and inclusivity.

Click here to watch the full interview.


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