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7 Business Lessons I Learned in the last 3 years

Over the last few years, I’ve learned a lot from the highs and the lows! Each time making adjustments, to better my brand and business, which allowed me to be successful in what I do.

So let’s dive in...

1. Don’t Compare Accomplishments. It’s so easy for us to compare our journey to someone else’s. Hey, I could sit up here and tell you, that there are people who I feel have achieved more success than me in 3 years, but this is my journey and I’m choosing to embrace it. By doing so I focus on my goals and reaching them. It may not be as fast as others, but it’s at a pace that I can control and manage. I celebrate others successes just as they would mine. The time it takes to get there doesn’t matter in the end.

2. PIVOT! I think Friends made this word more popular than it should have been! BUT it’s a very important one to keep in mind. If you feel things aren’t working, then pivot and make adjustments! When I first started, my list of services looked very different. I quickly noticed my dream client’s needs were different from the mid to large size businesses I was used to dealing with. So I revisited the drawing board, made adjustments to focus on the needs of my dream clients, and now, I can say I book almost 95% of them! The point is - it’s ok to try, learn and adjust. You have to listen to the needs of your dream clients because that is who you are serving at the end of the day! 

3. Trust your intuition. I have always had a strong intuition, but I only started trusting it 2 years ago when it came to business. Let’s just say - my biggest regret is not doing this sooner! Our bodies are incredible works of art, and it’s amazing how when you’re making a decision that gut feeling can tell you more than you think you know. So trust it. Honestly, when I started to do this, I realized that my intuition was always right and there was a reason I was feeling all those feels!

4. It’s ok to say no. This was a hard one. Growing up in an immigrant family, I was taught work is a blessing and you always say yes. I learned a lot from my parents, and honestly, much of my need to work hard comes from my upbringing, however one lesson that I learned on my own was the power of saying no. It’s way more important for you to focus on clients who value your work, than those who aren’t a good fit from the start. Instead of spending time negotiating your pricing and jumping over backwards to fit a potential client's needs, why not focus your energy on giving and providing more to your dream clients. The benefit of doing this? You’ll book more dream clients! 

5. Take Self-Help Breaks. I love me a good self-help book or podcast. It gives me ideas, expands my knowledge and helps me further build my business BUT I take a break every now and then. When I first started I went deep into self-help reads and podcasts, until one day I caught myself, sounding like someone else. I was so deep that I stopped taking time to absorb what they were saying and build my own thoughts. That’s when I decided, I needed breaks, so if I read one self-help book, I would take time to read fiction too, or if I was in the mood for some business podcasts, the next day I would try to listen to some comedy ones. By breaking it up, I give myself time to download and then decode the message to apply it to my business.  

6. Living with Naysayers. Ok since we are on the topic of breaks, let’s talk naysayers. Keep your distance from them! If you know you’re on track and can make this happen then do it. I get it though, some of the naysayers might just be close girlfriends or even someone you’re related to, so what I did, was I avoided them when I could. When I didn’t have a choice, I avoided talking about business. Listen, when I first started some of my closes girlfriends acted like my business was this new hobby, and I still love those girls but they don’t get it, and I’m not going to sit here and waste time convincing them. I much rather go out and make some money! ;) 

7. Have a plan and enjoy the ride. If you have a plan, then hustle. But don’t treat goals like deadlines engraved in stone, if you’re a little off, don’t punish yourself as long as your moving forward and enjoying the ride!


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