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Wolfe Collective Wealth

I am so excited to finally share the branding work we did for Stephanie Wolfe, founder of Wolfe Collective Wealth.

I first met Stephanie at one of our IG for Business Seminar's and soon after we had another encounter at a networking event - it was as if our meeting was destined to happen. I really felt a deep connection with Stephanie and could sense how empowering her work would be to society.

After sipping on a few coffees and discussing the potential for her brand, Wolfe Collective Wealth was born.

We started with her logo and visual identity, as many new brands, this is always the first step. We wanted to create a brand experience that wasn't like the other women-targetted financial groups.

This was a collective - a home for where you could come, feel respected and leave understanding your money better. So no cute piggy banks over here!

We are talking REAL investment and REAL life changes.

The logo and visual identity needed to portray this - we didn't want anything that was too pretty but nothing too boring and corporate either. As for the colour and type palettes - it had to feel strong and luxurious!

This colour palette really helped shape her brand presentation - including her personal brand styling and professional branded photos.

One thing I respect about Stephanie is her need to create content that is valuable. In doing so she felt it would be important for her to be more hands-on in the process. I'm not just talking about feedback.

Stephanie wanted to take it upon herself to do some design work on downloadable PDFs, flyers, and parts of her online space but she still wanted a designers input and coaching. That's where our brand audit hours came in.

Once designs were complete, we went in and marked them up to ensure it was legible, cohesive and followed the basic design rules. This empowered Stephanie to build content on her own that would work well for her brand without always relying on a design team. She also has a background in Marketing which really helps.

Soon after, we created a digital strategy that helped launch and brings her brand to the world. Like all our digital strategies, this included the analytics and understanding behind posting but also the visual presentation of her brand on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook (including bios).

Stephanie always likes going the extra mile so it also meant designing her icons for IG highlights as well!

I am so excited about this brand as I truly feel Stephanie is full of money knowledge that everyone could use. The best part is - she has a way of making it sound do-able without scaring you off.

Click here to check out the Wolfe Collective Wealth Podcast today - trust me you're going to LOVE it! Available on iTunes, GooglePlay and Spotify - so don't forget to subscribe.

Stephanie's Experience:

After my first brand meeting with Puja, my entire business model changed. 

She challenged me to think bigger by asking me questions no one else had, and it led to an entirely new direction for my company. 

The rest was so much fun and I know she captured my brand exactly as I envisioned it through her work on my logo and brand colours. 

I'm so grateful for her guidance in those early days as she saw what I couldn't and helped to bring my company to life.  It perfectly captures my personality.

Thank you, Puja!


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