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NFG Designs Inc.

NFG Designs is an Interior Design Studio catering to Southern Ontario founded by Nikki Fisher-Gigault. I had the pleasure of working on her rebrand which I'm so excited to share with you all today.

When Nikki and I first met I could tell that she was outgrowing her initial brand. With a business on the rise - the old branding seemed outdated and unable to keep up with her.

I started with the visual identity, zoning in on key aspects we picked up in our initial consultation and brand interview. I then took to the drawing board, creating a logo that really spoke to her motto of 'tailored, refined and functional design.'

I wanted this logo to stand the test of time and be with her in the years to come. After a few versions and some feedback, we landed on the finished product. For this logo, I chose a more modern and clean finish, with a traditional evergreen typeface.

Sometimes our perspective evolves as our business starts to grow and we realize that the brand we originally created, doesn't truly match the brand we have become. That's ok. I don't recommend rebranding every few years, (this is not your closet!), but your brand MUST represent who you are and who you're becoming.

Anytime we work on a brand it's important that we create something that will be around for a long time. That's why we never focus solely on trends but rather look at the big picture and see where the brand will be in 10, 15 even 20 years down the road.

For the NFG Designs website, I decided that it made the most sense to start from scratch for a few reasons. The platform that her original site was on didn't suit her business needs and wants. By switching platforms, adding simple apps and widgets it allowed her to gain easy access to responsive updates. On a personal note, I also like the idea of going template-free and really designing a site from a blank canvas. This allows the design to truly grow into something unique catered to that specific client and their offer. The new website not only represents her new branding but is also functional on many levels.

A website's goal is to expand on your offer, educate potential clients, build your mailing list and focus on a call to action - getting new clients! Her original site focused solely on her portfolio but didn't really showcase her expertise or a push to any sort of call to action. It was important that we build this in to help Nikki automate and cater to her dream clients.

After chatting with her during our website coaching session, it became clear that her brand was finally matching her business!

Stay tuned for her new business cards, lawn signs and more!

Nikki's experience with us...

It was important for my company and business growth to find someone who could execute all of the branding elements and services I needed, in its entirety. Previous experience had shown me that trying to have one person develop a website, and another person develop a logo and business card, etc. was daunting and the results were not cohesive or anything I really felt proud to share.

What I loved about Roop Creative Agency from the beginning was the streamlined and simple process, and that all of my branding needs could be met beginning to end, with one person who could develop it all. Puja’s vision and her superb understanding to graphically articulate your brand and message did just that and also completely exceeded my expectations.

The entire process was fun, exciting, streamlined, simple and brought immense value that I can’t wait to launch and feel proud to share. I highly recommend Puja and look forward to continuing to work with her on future branding and marketing opportunities.


Want to see the transformation? Below are before pictures of her website and logo.


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