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Angie's Golden Ghee

Angie's Golden Ghee

In our first one-on-one consultation with Angie we knew mompreneur was on to something. After seeing a lack of quality organic ghee products in the Canadian market, Angie opened the doors to her kitchen and started producing ghee at home. What started as a hobby soon turned into a business as requests started flying in. Angie took this opportunity and rolled out Angie's Golden Ghee.

It's organic, natural and tastes damn good! So of course we jumped on the chance to work with her.

She already had basic branding and a logo, so we studied her brand and the current market. Designed and elevated her website so that she could easily take Etsy orders and stand out of the crowd. We also wanted the site to be responsive no matter where clients may be viewing it. It was key for Angie to be able to see her site on everything type of mobile device.

Next on our to-do list is her packaging design - so stay tuned for more.

Be sure to check out her site here.

Angie's experience with Roop Creative:

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Roop Creative Agency on a few occasions. The brains behind this professional business of all things marketing, Puja is someone who works with you to make your dream a reality no matter the vision. Puja helped the Sevafoodbank gala team with our marketing needs for the 2017 and 2018 annual gala, and both times she sponsored the event through her inkind support and also supporters by attending, she knows the power of giving back! What’s that saying, the more you sow the more you reap. She added personal touches to the events that were authentic, fun and fitting for the events. I become kinda picky with it comes to colors, she offered sage advice to let us know what would would work and what wouldn’t.

I also hired Puja to assist me with my small business. She created my very easy to follow website and all labeling for my products. Puja is a game changer in her industry, she’s never shy to share her opinions and leaves it to the client to make the final decision. I’m looking forward to #sevaspark2019, Puja’s has already committed to providing her expertise to make sure the event is phenomenal!

Packaging Design

PS: We also create stunning packaging design for her ghee to have a home! Needless to say it plays off the branded look from the website.

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