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Little Moverz: Website Design

The joy of motherhood is undeniable, but let's be real, making new mom friends isn't a breeze, especially for an introvert like me. That's when my best friend sent me Julie Austin's Instagram page and encouraged me to sign up for Little Moverz.

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Julie's mobile program isn't just about nurturing babies' development; it's creating a vibrant and supportive community. Little Moverz is an outlet for little ones and a lifeline for moms like me, offering companionship in a world that often feels overwhelming.

The website transformation of Little Moverz began through a chance conversation with another mom when I mentioned my business. At the time, Julie had a few pain points, but her primary goal was to present herself as a professional and create a website that would allow her to expand her business.

The transformation to a functional and beautiful website that now serves as a brand ambassador encompasses:

1. Streamlined Booking:

What used to take days can now be done in under 5 minutes. By introducing a booking system clients can now book classes online on their own, saving Julie hours previously spent reading through DMs and fitting everyone into suitable classes based on their preferences.

2. SEO Boost:

I integrated simple keyword strategies and other SEO basics into the website, making it more discoverable to potential clients.

3. Efficient Communication:

By adding several forms (including waitlist, and special inquiries) I was able to streamline communication, allowing Julie to organize her inbox and create plans based on request details.

4. Time-saving Automation:

Notifications and automation have revolutionized the way reminders are sent, eliminating the need for manual email communication. Once again saving Julie time she can spend on growing her business rather than sending out reminders.

5. Scalable Website:

This professional website not only matches her brand aesthetic with bright, playful pastel shades but also offers room for future growth. Whether Julie expands her business with a shop or additional teachers, the website is ready.

The results of this website transformation are remarkable. What used to take days for class sign-ups can now be done in a mere five minutes. With a streamlined and professional website, clients can easily access information and secure their spots, empowering them as well as Julie. The transformation has brought efficiency, professionalism, and a vibrant digital home for Little Movez.

This is not just a business but a heartfelt venture that's shaping the future of happy, healthy babies. With a little movement and a lot of heart, Julie is helping the tiniest members of our community become fearless explorers of life. It's truly an honour to be a small part of her entrepreneurial journey. Click here to check out her new website.


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