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The Mariam Society: Website Design

When Gita Banks, the visionary Founder of The Mariam Society, reached out to share the incredible growth and impact of her charity, excitement filled my heart. Our journey began in 2018, as we collaborated to create the brand visual identity and original website for The Mariam Society, establishing the groundwork for this remarkable initiative. In its infancy, the charity was making a slow impact within a small community network. Fast forward a few years, and as The Mariam Society continued to flourish, it became evident that a redesign was essential—a splash that would reflect their journey, celebrate their wins, and ensure a website that evolves with their ongoing impact.

The redesigned website has not only positioned The Mariam Society professionally but has also become a catalyst for attracting donors, fostering partnerships, and enhancing its online presence. This thoughtful redesign aimed to create a digital space that echoes the heart and soul of this remarkable initiative.

The Mariam Society Website Redesign

Key Takeaways from the Transformation:

Donation Process Enhancement:

Seamlessly embedding Canada Helps into the website created a user-friendly experience for both the organization and donors, resulting in increased donations and a smoother workflow. Things like instant tax receipts now empower the team to focus more on its mission rather than admin work.

Efficient Communication, Automation & Notifications:

The addition of forms, such as Brand Partnership, streamlined communication, allowing Gita and her team to organize their inbox and create plans based on request details. With this, we coached the team to set up an automation that would send instant notifications to potential partners once the form was submitted.

Empathy-Driven Call-to-Actions:

The redesigned website emphasizes call-to-actions, sharing impactful facts and reports that inspire visitors to contribute. The focus is on making it easier for supporters to engage and contribute to the cause.

Storytelling through Videos and Photography:

Integrating impactful videos and photography directly into the website brought the stories of the students to life. This not only enhanced the user experience but also allowed visitors to witness firsthand the profound impact of The Mariam Society on these students' lives.

Blog Transfer:

Recognizing the importance of ongoing communication, we facilitated a smooth transfer of previous blog posts. This ensures that Gita can continue sharing the unfolding narrative of The Mariam Society with its dedicated supporters.

The Mariam Society Website Redesign

SEO Boost:

Simple keyword strategies and SEO basics were seamlessly integrated into the website, enhancing its discoverability to potential donors.

Brand Style Integration:

Maintaining the original brand's colours and logo, we elevated the website's aesthetics by incorporating an adjusted font suite. The result is a crisp, visually appealing design that resonates with the heart of The Mariam Society.

Scalable Website:

Designed to match the brand aesthetic, the professional website not only reflects the present but also offers room for future growth. Whatever impact Gita envisions for the future, the website is ready to evolve seamlessly with her charity.


The Mariam Society's redesigned website stands as a testament to the power of purpose-driven design, compelling storytelling, and the unwavering commitment to creating positive change—one girl at a time. Click here to check out her new website.

Client Testimonial

Roop Creative understands what is needed for brand awareness, beautiful website design, and functional UX capability. Puja and her team are wonderful to work with; they offer support throughout their process and make thoughtful recommendations of how to represent your content and brand best. Highly recommend Roop Creative for your next website design project.

- Heather Marczynski, Marketing & Media, The Mariam Society

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