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Rashi Creative Stylist: Brand Development, Visual Identity + Website Design

Rashi Bindra is a fashion consultant, wardrobe stylist and personal shopper but her work goes beyond these titles. She empowers her clients and helps them weave their unique stories through the art of fashion.

Rashi Bindra, Fashion Brand

Her old brand was too masculine and placing her in a box. As for the website, it fell short of showcasing the breathtaking diversity of her portfolio, leaving her business at a standstill. Determined to build a new vision, Rashi and I were on a mission to infuse her brand with bold feminine energy while creating a versatile platform that can seamlessly evolve with her journey.

Through our self-discovery workshop, we were able to craft a brand style that resonates with who she is today and where she sees her business in the future.

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When I embarked on this journey with Rashi, I knew that the logo had to be a testament to her fearless approach to style and fashion. The creative process began with in-depth conversations and research to understand Rashi's unique perspective, her style philosophy, and the clientele she aimed to attract.

After a careful exploration of design elements, colour palettes, and typography, we arrived at a logo that is sophisticated, and unapologetically her. The intertwining of sleek lines and feminine curves in the logo not only showcases Rashi's versatility but also symbolizes the interconnectedness of her creative ideas.

The other brand assets include her colour palette that conveys a sense of opulence, a font suite that aligns with high-fashion aesthetics and a style guide that ensures she is always strategically cohesive.

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The website design is a careful balance between beauty and functionality. It is imperative that her website not only reflects the brand's aesthetic but also provides a seamless user experience.

With this vision in mind, we decided on a single-scroll website that would capture visitors' attention and guide them through a visual journey. High-resolution images and videos displayed Rashi's style in all its glory, allowing potential clients to truly immerse themselves in her creative world. Each section is meticulously designed to highlight Rashi's services with detail and finesse.

A business is not static; it evolves as the brand grows and interacts with its audience. This was a crucial consideration in the development of Rashi's website. The Portfolio and Features section is not just a static display of work; it is designed as an interactive space that allows Rashi to update and showcase her latest creations. The website's responsive design ensures that visitors can explore the Features and Portfolio seamlessly across devices, enhancing engagement and expanding the brand's reach.

There are also subtle calls-to-actions strategically placed throughout the scroll, guiding visitors to connect, book appointments, and explore more. This approach embraces the brand's growth-centric philosophy, turning visitors into potential clients and fostering meaningful connections.

The journey to crafting a bold, fearless, and high-fashion brand for Rashi Creative Stylist is one that merges strategy, creativity and a deep understanding of the brand and its ideal clients. As a brand strategist, I am not just in the business of design; I am in the business of telling stories through visuals, creating experiences that resonate, and building platforms for brands to thrive. Rashi's new brand and website exemplify this mission and showcase how a brand's visual identity can transcend aesthetics to become a reflection of its essence and aspirations.


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