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Baljeet Does Hair: Brand Development & Visual Identity

When Baljeet approached me, her energy and confidence were contagious. She knew her brand needed a fresh makeover to match her bold personality and vision for the future.

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During our brand interview and workshop session, Baljeet revealed her desire to create a brand that would captivate her dream clients and truly represent who she is. It was at this moment that she realized, her old business name didn't click anymore. It was too generic and honestly meant nothing. She wanted a name that really represented her, spoke volumes and was to the point. In came "Baljeet Does Hair."

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Our goal for this rebrand was to exude vibrancy, femininity, and a touch of elegance. We decided to embrace the rising trend of Barbie-core, and with that inspiration, we curated a colour palette that was nothing short of fabulous. From vibrant pinks to bold corals, each hue was carefully chosen to radiate joy and empowerment—exactly what Baljeet's brand was all about. We wanted the font suite to be fun and playful, yet elegant enough to showcase Baljeet's professionalism. Balancing these elements was like finding the perfect harmony for a masterpiece.

logo design, branding, baljeet does hair

As we brought the pieces together, it became evident that we were not just designing for who Baljeet is in the present, but for the unstoppable woman she aspires to be. Her brand now reflects her incredible journey and aligns perfectly with the future she envisions for her business.

It's been a joyous ride filled with creativity, passion, and the thrill of capturing her essence in every design element. With this fresh new look, Baljeet is ready to embrace the world, attract her ideal clients, and soar to new heights. Cheers to a future of boldness, passion, and unstoppable growth.

logo design, branding, baljeet does hair

Baljeet's Experience In Her Words:

I hired Puja to help me create a brand identity for my salon business and couldn't be happier with the end result! She's super detailed as well as takes the time to understand your vision.


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