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Planning vs. Being Authentic

Recently at one of my IG for Business Seminars, a student asked me, "How can you be authentic and plan content ahead of time?"

See to them this felt the opposite of authentic. I disagree.

Hear me out, the thing about content is that it doesn't have to be instant to be authentic. When you are creating content for your blog, newsletter or Instagram feed it should all feel connected and like it goes hand in hand with your brand.

Your feed (main squares) is where you want to talk about content that can easily be recycled and reused in your blog or even your newsletter - adjusting it to fit both spaces.

The content in your feed should describe your brand/business, tell your viewers about your services, how they make people feel, the vendors you work with, and more. Content like - how the weather is affecting your creativity today, should be pushed to IG Stories.

See the wonderful thing about using Instagram for marketing is that it allows you to share many facets of your business in a variety of ways.

How I like to break it down - to stay authentic and plan ahead of time is as follows:

1. IG Stories - is where you tell your everyday life, giving them a seek peak

2. IG Feed - is where you share your authentic brand and it's message - this where you will discuss messages that will be of value to your viewers and engage with them.

3. IGTV - is where you can go more in-depth to share your message

So there you have it - you can truly stay authentic, plan ahead of time so you're an expert in your industry (and have more time for your business) and use Instagram to it's fullest.


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