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International Day of Yoga Canada

Recently we had the honour to be a part of the United Nation's recognized, International Day of Yoga Canada (IYDC). This is one of the biggest Yoga events in the world! So as yogis you could imagine our excitement.

Our work with IYDC shows our love for creating brands from the ground up and elevating them beyond our client's vision. We tell a story with each piece we created from the logo to event posters and the magazine publication.

The formula

First things first - the logo. We wanted to create a brand would stand the test of time in the decades to come.

logo creation

After several conversations and brainstorms with the IYDC team, we went to the drawing board and played around with various asanas (poses) that would best represent the vision. Our initial design presentation included three different logos, each representing a different asana yet composed of the same feeling of unity with nature and humanity.

After several debates and lots of email threads, the committee all agreed there was one logo that they always went back to. The most loved was our take on the tree pose. The pose alone brings in the idea of unity and balance with nature. The person emerges from a lotus like an aura and completes it with their arms. This symbolizes the unity of nature and humankind. It was important that the person in the pose was not gendered specific as we would like to encourage the idea of yoga for all, regardless of age, gender or ability. For the typography, the words 'Yoga Day' seemed key and we wanted to draw attention to this while still working off the icon. It was important to the team that we also pay respect and honour the logo in India as both would stand side by side on several occasions. Keeping this in mind we incorporated the colours from India's branding with our own twist so that they would always compliment each other.

After falling in love with the brand identity the team brought us on for various promotional items. Starting with the event poster. For the poster, it was important that not only were the two main speakers highlighted but it also opened doors to those who may not know them or yoga very well. This events goal was to promote yoga every day for all. Our team worked in ways we could attract both crowds.

international day of yoga

Then came everything from screen displays at the International Center, roll up banners to t-shirts, and more.

Children doing yoga before entering the complex

However our favorite piece and one of the most intensive projects was the magazine publication. This publication was key, it featured articles from world-renowned yogis and gurus from around the globe and had to be something that caught everyone's eye.

For publications as such, we usually require at least a month but with the event only 2 weeks ways our team pulled together and worked with the resources provided to create a stunning publication that was recognized by delegates from around the globe including Kaithlyn Wynn (Ontario's Premier) and Dinesh Bhatia,(Commissioner General India). It is one of our proudest pieces to date.

International Day of Yoga

Working with IYDC was a rollercoaster project with various elements and super tight deadlines but it just goes to show what the Roop team is possible of! And hey - we can't wait to do it all over again next year.

The teams experience:

We have worked with ROOP on numerous corporate event projects. Puja is a talented professional, she produces everything with passion and dedication. Her work has always answered the client's brief and her ability to echo their vision is admirable. It's always a pleasure working together.

Ruby Sohi, Royal Blue Event Management

See the full publication here:

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