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Kalpana: Branding

A world turned virtual allowed me to attend a business networking event early this year. One of my favourite skincare brands held an intimate conversation about entrepreneurship - so I thought I'd join. Little did I know I'd be meeting my amazing client Kalpana here!

Kalpana is a Chicago-based Lifestyle & Travel Influencer, Activist, Coach, Entrepreneur, Beauty & Fashion Enthusiast, and Professional Makeup Artist. Her mission to make women feel empowered, push them outside of their comfort zones and open a beautiful world of adventures. ⁠We instantly aligned!

After speaking with Kalpana one-on-one in a virtual consultation we came to the conclusion that her brand no longer spoke to who she had evolved into. Given the pandemic, she wanted to shift her focus to lifestyle and make travel a small category within her brand. She decided it was time for a new website - that would truly allow her to spread her wings and fly! However, before that, we needed to clean up her branding and build something that represented her true self.

The first step was re-introducing the brand from - Koco Travels to Kalpana. By doing so we've focused the conversation around her lifestyle vs a small section of her brand.

For Kalpana, it was really important that this brand not only empower others but represent her South Asian roots while speaking to the Parisian style, she loves so dearly. The key design concept needed to be bold yet minimalistic. We also wanted to play with florals and opted for an abstract lotus as it showcases resilience, power, growth and flourishment.

When she initially launched, Kalpana felt she needed to fit a cookie-cutter version of what an influencer's brand should look like. From blush tones and a generic vibe that didn't truly speak to who she was.

With her rebrand Kalpana wanted the colours to represent her style and ethnic background. We noticed that red played a predominant role in her mood board right off the back. It was not only important to bring this shade in but balance it with colours and font palettes that would allow her to continue to elevate her brand as she grew.

This is only the beginning for Kalpana and I can't wait to share with you her new website which is in the works right now. Stay tuned for more...

Kalpana's Experinece In Her Words:

At the start of the year, I was looking for an agency to help me with my brand identity. It’s something I thought about before the new year began and wanted to find the right agency to work with. I was on a live webinar hosted by Ranavat for an Entrepreneurship call when I met Puja who is the Founder of Roop Creative Agency based in Toronto, Canada.

It was a beautifully organic way we had met and we had connected on our passion for entrepreneurship and digital marketing. We hopped on a call and immediately Puja understood my brand and vision for the long-term. I wanted to bring out my vibrant personality in the brand identity and custom website, she described my persona and brand perfectly… “the bold minimalist”.

The entire process from beginning to end was smooth and simple, Puja was there to help me every step of the way and addressed each of my questions leaving me more confident in her and her expertise knowing she had my best interest at heart and I entrusted her with working her magic on my personal brand.

I highly recommend working with Puja and Roop Creative Agency, she is down to earth while maintaining her professionalism and really cares for her clients going above and beyond!

She clearly heard my vision and killed it on my brand identity and customized my website to look clean, posh, and bold while being all-inclusive to include my blog, newsletter, ways for brands and clients to work with me plus so much more! I also wanted to stay consistent throughout my social media platforms and with Puja’s help, I now have a brand identity and website design that has a consistent look and feel. I'm beyond excited to elevate and take my digital influencer business to the next level this 2021! Thank you very much, Puja and Roop Creative Agency, truly grateful to you and your team!


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