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5 Signs It's Time To Re-Brand

I love working on a re-brand. The transformation is so exciting to watch; right before your eyes, you see a brand unfold and bloom! When creating your branding you must keep two things in mind.

  • You have to love it!

  • It has to stand the test of time, so it should last you at least 7-10 years if not more.

However, sometimes things don't work out that way. That's when you need to start rethinking your brand and building something with longevity in mind.

5 signs you’re ready for a rebrand:

1. Your business direction and vision has changed.

A change in the team, technology upgrades, or diversity in your product/service can impact your direction and vision of your business. This plays an integral part in your brand experience. If you've recently made a major shift, your current branding may not be sitting well with your business. It's important that you review your brand experience and how you are showing up for your current and potential clients.

2. You're blending into the crowd.

Rebranding offers the opportunity to reposition yourself in your industry. If you're battling to stand out and build a solid client base it could very well be that you don't have a clear brand. A brand developer will not only elevate your brand but also see ways in which you can stand out!

3. Inconsistent, confusing and temporary styles you've never been proud of.

Fonts, colours and styles must be consistent when creating an elevated brand experience. If you're not sure of who you are then how will you build trust with your potential clients? You must have a consistent look that allows them to trust and value your opinion. In turn, this becomes something you're proud to share across platforms as well.

4. Your demographic has changed.

As we grow our business we tend to pivot and change the direction which can mean that our demographics change with it. Personally, when I started Roop, I wanted to be gender-neutral but as my business developed I realized that I attracted more women than men; so I made an adjustment. I didn't change my logo but my visual identity and website design suddenly had to shift. This allowed me to attract more of the demographic I wanted. Now, my brand speaks to my dream clients. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of male clients too - but the majority of them come from referrals through women, so it's important that my brand really helps me attract that potential.

5. A slow down in sales.

If you're finding that you're not making sales or not able to scale up with your current brand it may be time to rethink your branding. A refresh allows you to understand your demographics and what they are looking for. It's here where you build your value and showcase your product/service in the best light.


Re-branding can be a lot and it may or may not be the best option for you, but if you've related to more than 3 of these points it's time to reconsider how you're showing up for your dream clients. Not sure where to begin? Book a complimentary consultation with us to get started.


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