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BLYD Executive Coaching

When I first met Ken Lee, he had a website, that was overly complicated with way too much information. Ken's services are amazing and he's helped so many entrepreneurs understand and reach their goals. It was about time the website showcased this.

Visit his site!

The Formula

First things first - we cut out all the content that wasn't needed. You want your clients to pick up the phone and call or at least email you so don't give everything away.

Next we told Ken to book in a personal branded shoot - this helps build your brand and really showcases you at your best. At the same time we narrowed down some stock video and photos with mountains and mountain climbers - as that's how he likes to describe his process.

Then we placed everything together designing a one-page scroll site that used his photos and brand colours. It's not only cleaner but easier for the viewer to understand with a LOT of call to action.

Ken's experience:

The site looks fantastic! Very professional! It was cool to see how you broke everything up onto a single page and made it flow.

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