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Adore Event Planning

The best clients come from other clients, so when Geeta Gosain, approached me regarding her new event planning business I knew I was in for a fun ride.

Geeta knew what she wanted, something simple, chic that all couples, regardless of age or gender could relate to.

After working through three drafts and a name change suggestion we came to this conclusion. A bold logo with a bit of bling. No colour because black just spoke to her more. A happy client can go a long way and we can't wait to see where Geeta's brand takes her.

FUN FACT: Geeta and I never met in person!

We do this a lot with international clients but given her busy schedule at the time it was so hard to meet with someone in the same city. She was also on a an extreme time crunch which I usually don't recommend but in this case had to find a way to make it work. And it did! So hoping to meet Geeta in person one day soon!

In Geeta's words, her experience with Roop Creative:

One of my friends recommended Roop Creative Agency. I was struggling to.come with a simple yet classics logo for my wedding planning company until I connected with Roop. I’m glad I did, Roop helped me with creating a logo that meet with my requirements which was to keep it simple and easy to understand and that would compliment my overall brand. I particularly liked the clean and crisp look of the design. Communication with Roop was consistent and easy, she was constantly making sure I was happy with the progress of my logo development and gave me the opportunity to make any changes along the way. 

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