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Flawless Artistry

When Sharon Sahota started her MUA business she knew one thing for sure - how she wanted every woman to feel as they left her makeup chair. With complete creative freedom, Flawless Artistry's branding had to include just one key thing: Beyonce’s essence. Every girl should feel like Beyonce and that's exactly what we did for the Bey of the Makeup World.

The Process:

  1. Brandstorm – create a timeless brand that is modern, chic and vogue ready

  2. Personalize – incorporate the owner's initials “SS” to stand out yet integrate seamlessly into overall image

  3. One step further – add a silver touch with a bit of letterpress to bring the business cards to life on our matte cashmere paper!

Don't forget to check out Sharon Sahota – Flawless Artistry

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