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The Glass Museum

The Glass Museum branding and identity is something that flowed so easily from our imagination to paper; almost too natural. Today, TGM hosts and collaborates with up and coming South Asian Artists, bringing them into the mainstream market. It’s been amazing watching this journey unfold.

The Process:

When Rick and Harjot originally came to us, this was just an idea fueled, with passion. Collaboration, design, and mixed media through a looking glass were just mere words, that would go on to inspire our designers to create this unique branding.

  • The missing pieces: describe how they fill in the blanks for young artists

  • The three lines: the trinity union that came together to form this idea

  • The mixed typography: intertwining the modern and traditional

All of this came with thought and consideration for what our client's visions was and how they wanted to make their first impression.

We are proud to have created TGM’s branding and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next!

What Rick & Harjot had to say about working with us:

Roop Creative has done such amazing work for me. They’ve done professional work for Fulkari Radio Group with designing our material for CDC and created our incredible logo for The Glass Museum & Rick’s Good Eats. Puja, the Creative Director, truly understands aesthetics, results, design, and professionalism.

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