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Tiltco Architectural

For over 30 years Tiltco Architectural has been working alongside architects, builders, designers and homeowners, to manufacture and install prestigious fenestration products globally. They also happen to be one of my first few clients and since we are celebrating 4 years of Roop - it only made sense to share the 4 years we've been working with Tiltco.

When we first met with Sanjay Madha and his team their social media was in need of a facelift. The company was growing and they were looking to expand and develop long-term relationships with more luxury brands and architects. This meant changing their branding and rethinking who they are and how they want to be perceived. They also weren't looking to take on any of this work in-house which made them the perfect candidates for our Social Media Management Subscription package.

Each quarter we review online personas across multiple platforms including Instagram, Facebook and more recently LinkedIn, creating an updated strategy as we go. The subscription package also includes full management, geo-targeted ads, and monthly analytics/goal setting that encourages their online presence to continuously grow. When we met them they had very little to no engagement and a handful of followers, today their Instagram page alone fosters multiple relationships and allows them to showcase and build more views!

Alongside this, we also manage several of their advertising campaigns and relationships as well as designed quarterly magazine ads featured in DesignLines and more.

Tiltco has been such an incredible brand to work with - and we know this is just the beginning of our journey together! Plus who doesn't love looking at these stunning homes? Go ahead and give them a follow here.


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