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The Empowerment Project

When I first met Dr. Shar Rai and Andrea Bosco I was blown away by their vision for The Empowerment Project.

The Empowerment Project is a collaborative project designed to teach balance in all aspects of life: cognitive, social, physical, and emotional. The mission is simple: to provide students, teachers and parents with the tools they need to empower and support the goal of mindful happiness. Beautiful isn't it?

Recently they had gone through some changes in their vision and team. Due to this, they felt their old branding was no longer serving them. That's when I came into the picture.

We all felt the original logo was dated and needed to represent the new vision and new team. So we started our process with a consult and brand interview. This helped me further dive deeper into where they wanted to see themselves in 5-15 years from now.

It was made clear in this meeting that we needed to simply the logo and bring in some spark that would have a feminity to it yet still be bold and strong. After a couple of drafts, brainstorms and phone calls I created the following visual id that fully represented who they see themselves as today. I also gave them the option for a watermark, along with a new colour palette to update the look and feel of the branding.

This is what Shar and Andrea had to say about working with Roop Creative Agency:

We were introduced to Puja from Roop Creatives through a mutual friend. After viewing her website and reading her story, we decided to give her a call. It was the best move we could have made in rebranding our business. Puja walked us through her creative process that felt very thorough. Through face to face meetings, questionnaires and weekly calls, our new logo came to life! She took time to learn about us individually and as a team; to understand our business and target market, to understand the changes we had already gone through and how our business need to reflect that “shift”. Patience, understanding, professionalism, kindness was displayed by Puja with every point of contact we had. We love our new logo!!! We would highly recommend working with Puja!!! She made this process fun and exciting!!! 


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