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My Top 5 Instagram Enhancing Apps

Growing on Instagram takes the right strategy, custom-built for your potential clients. Seems overwhelming right? Well, it doesn't have to be. There are many apps out there that can help build online campaigns and make, using Instagram as your marketing tool, easy!

It's best to test out a variety and see what best suits your needs, but if you ever wonder what I'm using then here is a list of my favourite IG enhancing tools.

They make my life easier, help me focus on my business and get valuable content out to my audience.

1. Later - schedule your posts in advance! Planning content ahead of time allows you to really think about what you're putting out there. It helps you stay on brand and ensures your message is valuable to your potential clients. I love this tool because it has a web version and mobile version that work hand in hand, to create a user-friendly experience. Plus the media library is awesome, I can instantly upload photos and it shows me which ones I've used and which ones can still be used! I can also see how my squares will look in advance, to ensure my profile is always top quality.

2. Unfold - this is an awesome app to build beautiful IG stories. They have more font options and clean designs that you can easily customize.

3. Repost - There are times where you may be collaborating with other vendors and want to share their posts. This tool makes it that much easier - plus keeps the image clean with no "repost" text written on it.

4. Lightroom - This app allows you to use photo presets, and makes editing photos simple! Be careful not to go too crazy when touching up photos. I generally use it to brighten up dark photos keeping my images very natural and real.

5. Canva - Need some quick designed posts? This is the perfect app for you. Start with the free version and take it from there. Remember any template can be edited by changing the colours and fonts to match your branding.⁠ ⁠


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