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How Often Can You Update Your Brand Colours?

The simple answer - you should only update your brand colours when you're developing your brand or rebranding.

I get it, there are so many stunning colour palettes out there. You may come across another business or perhaps an Instagram profile and think - oh my those colours are beautiful. Let me stop you there, just because they are stunning doesn't mean you must copy them for your branding.

Did you know that every time you adjust your brand colour palette you're working against yourself and your brand success?

It's true, consistency and cohesive branding always wins because it builds a memorable experience, and much of this has to do with colours. Colours are so important to branding, that's why I take my time with them when developing logos and visual identity. Colours evoke emotions, create a memory and are a strong aid in brand recognition. If you're consistently adjusting them - you're losing the emotional and memorable impact your brand can make!

How many times have you noticed brands like CocaCola or Pepsi change colours? It's probably hard to say, but today if I was to give you a blank red can you'd probably know who it is. That's the power of brand colours!

This is exactly what we are trying to build with your brand when we choose a colour palette. By having a cohesive colour palette you are making your brand memorable. It may seem boring and repetitive to you but for your viewer, it reminds them of you and evokes emotions associated with your brand/business. You have less than 12 seconds to grab someone attention in real life and less than 5 on social media - so trust me you want all the recognition you can get a quick glance!

Of course, you can complement your brand colours with others during various seasonal changes, but overall your brand colours should always be present and consistent.

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