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Dr. Shar Rai: Branding & Visual Identity + Website Design

When something or someone comes to you in your morning meditation you know it's a sign! This is how this re-brand story begins... Dr. Shar Rai is an influential, powerful woman who I'm happy to say is part of my community of entrepreneurs. We met a few years ago when she and her partner were looking to re-brand The Empowerment Project.

The pandemic drastically affected her mobile chiropractic business for corporations. With lockdowns, it was impossible for her old business model to thrive. She started to feel the urge to rebrand and rewrite her story. Taking the time in lockdown to reflect on what other services she could provide and how she could build her wellness business she became a certified Reikie Healer and Mindset Coach.

Then came that morning, when Shar was meditating and something reminded her of me. She immediately booked a discovery call and shared her news. I was coming off my mat leave and ready to dive into work - the timing couldn't have been more perfect.

With her rebrand, I wanted to work in elements of her old business, with new insight. I loved how much the mountains meant to her, but so much of this project was about following intuition and the idea of water flowing kept coming to me for some reason. When I brought this up with her, she looked at me shocked - she had just been talking to her kids, about the idea of incorporating water into her branding.

This brand needed movement, it needed waves, and it needed to flow while still paying tribute to the bold, steady and untouchable mountains.

For her logo, we brought the idea of movement to life with a script font that sits comfortably between a bold, serif, surrounded by mountains. The reflection of this thought process is also seen throughout her colour palette and showcased with complimentary videos and images throughout the website.

This rebrand was meant to be on so many levels and I truly can't wait to see how Shar continues to thrive in the wellness world. Take a look and dive into Dr. Shar Rai's new brand & website. Click here.

In Her Words:

"This is my second time working with Puja and it has been another amazing experience! She is professional and patient which is exactly what I needed, as all things tech are really out of my wheelhouse. Her creative flair and foresight continue to surprise me. I got exactly what I was looking for as her intuition is spot on! I would highly recommend Roop Creative!!"


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