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Blend Society

Chan Bahsin- Lal, is a beautiful spirit, the founder and artist of Blend Society and honestly an expert when it comes to everything hair. So when our paths crossed I was thrilled to be able to work with her and help her elevate her brand experience through the development of her identity.

Listening to Chan's passion for what she does combined with our extensive brand interview, I could feel she was truly ready to build longevity with her branding. She felt her current brand style didn't really speak to who she was and what she wanted to become. As an industry leader, she wanted to stand out and really build on her long-term legacy beyond her salon.

Now a common fear that many people have (especially creatives) when branding is staying "on-trend". Generally, when we build your brand development we keep trends in mind however want to provide you with branding that will stand the test of time. It's important to build a presence that will be with you forever. Remember the reason why your favourite brands continue to see success is probably because they have consistent branding, think about Apple, Chanel or Coca-Cola - you'll always see consistency.

We started by doing some research as always on her competitors and brand idols. From there we build a mood board that suited her style. Then we presented three potential brands. Each featured elements that spoke to who she was and where she wanted to be in the next 5-10 years. We moved forward with two design styles implementing a few adjustments and slight changes until one style began to stand out more and more. After a couple of rounds of revision, we were able to bring in a type and colour palettes that sealed the deal! From there we made a few adjustments adding an alternative logo style as well.

In Chan's Words:

I absolutely LOVED working with Puja!

She was SUPER patient with me, and when I mean patient, like REALLY PATIENT. I'm sure I was one of her pickiest clients! But I was so glad to know she was able to really focus on my concerns and come back with a solution.

Her attention to detail, her knowledge behind why she does and recommends certain things really made me comfortable working with her. And I must say, she really delivered.

I would 100% return for another service with Puja and her company!

Thank you again, Puja, for all the hard work you put into my Brand Identity for my new business!


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