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Vibrance Designs

Vibrance Designs as many of you know is our sister brand.

I created Vibrance long before Roop and it will always hold a special place in my heart as my first born business. It caters and creates event stationery (mostly invitations) for weddings and other milestones.

Now Roop has been keeping me busy over the last few years and continues to but Vibrance is always alive with creativity and passion unlike anything else. Recently I had been feeling like the website wasn't really matching the look and feel of who Vibrance Designs has turned into. It is a brand based on looks and setting to impress guests who attend these events. Although there was a lot of buzz on IG, I felt as though our website didn't keep that same momentum going.

The website was created years ago and to be honest, felt like information overload to me. There were too many pages, and it wasn't styled to fit the aesthetic needs of the clients walking through those online doors. I was starting to feel confined and like our old site was the opposite of everything I wanted this brand to represent. That's exactly why the refresh was needed for Vibrance Designs.

The first thing was to add an intro page, this elevates the experience already and showcases how important these stationery pieces are to the brand. Once the client enters it's mostly a scrolling site, leaving them to click nowhere. With the rise of social media having a scroll, the site is key, no one wants to click too much. Next was to re-introduce the blog but with our work. I felt this helped show the story behind each piece we create, which again shares the brand experience without the client even signing you!

All in all, I'm super excited to share this site and truly feel it speak to the brand.

To view the site click here.

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