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Free Rani

Free Rani is a sister-duo out to break trends and create new ones with their exclusive custom-designed South-Asian jewels and gems!

The goal was to create simple, chic and bold branding that represented both their personalities. Although both sisters have similarities, their styles are drastically different. Which made for an exciting challenge when designing cohesive branding for their platform. Not to mention Free Rani as a brand has a personality of it's own!

Rani translates from Hindi as Queen, so their brand name essentially means Free Queen. Which they define as a woman who is free from it all to bare her soul and be her true self, forever. This self can change and wear several styles but at the end of the day, she is confident, knows what she wants in life and how to get it. She doesn't need a King by her side. She's free to be who she wants to be when she wants to be and how she wants to be.

I chose a traditional and bold typeface but incorporated a hummingbird which is light and airy into the icon. The combination of both allows us to see the varying perspectives each sister brings to the table. It's exciting, bold, whimsical and a little "badass". Which is exactly what the clients wanted.

Watching this company grow has been a pleasure and I'm excited to say that the branding works perfectly for what this sister-duo has created!

Free Rani Logo

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