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William Osler Systems: Brand Asset Development

When 2020 began I was super excited to bring on William Osler Systems. I had already been working with William Osler Foundation and after a request for proposal landed a project to pitch a new visual identity for internal programming within the hospitals. Of course, this was prior to Covid-19.

Unfortunately, like many things, due to the pandemic, the world shifted within days and this project had to be terminated. Regardless, my team and I put in a lot of work that we still wanted to share in our portfolio. Of course, these are process pieces and only the initial designs, but it still showcases the first steps that we took to create a visual identity. Generally working with larger corporations our process times become slower given the approval periods and discussions around each piece.

The team at Osler was looking for an update on the visual identity and branding for specific internal focused campaigns. In this case, we weren't changing the current branding, colours or logo but adjusting and adding to a new look of their overall visual identity.

Step one was to confirm a mood board, complementary colours and fonts. We put together 3 potential mood boards, and after several brainstorm sessions, we landed on this one. Brainstorm and brand consulting sessions allows the client to see the potential for this new visual identity but also allows us to understand their needs and develop a plan based on that.

Once the mood board was approved we began the process of finalizing concepts and templates for posters, e-blasts, social media and PowerPoint presentation. Because we hadn't finalized the look most of the images selected in the designs had not been purchased but would have been should the project have proceeded.

Unfortunately, after the first round of revisions, we hit early March and the project was shut down. I'm still so proud of my small team that helped put this together to win the pitch!


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