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What To Include In Your Media Kit

Thinking about creating a media kit? Media kits, also known as press kits, are a wonderful way to share a set of promotional materials and provide information about your brand to various outlets you wish to work with.

Many people tend to associate media kits with something only influencers or personalities need, but that's not true. If you're a restaurant building your catering offer and want to work with local hotels, or a specialty service provider who wants some press time on podcasts, tv shows and more, then you need a media kit!

Although I'm not a PR specialist, I do help many people create and design their media kits to be sent out to various outlets or brands they wish to collaborate with. It's also a wonderful download to add to your website for those who come across your page and are interested in working with you.

That said, regardless of your brand or business style, there are a few things you want to include in your media kit.

1. Your Story

It's so important to share a little bit about yourself in your media kit as these can be sent to outlets that may not be aware of you or your offer. Media kits are also shared with larger teams at times, so although the initial person knows who you are the decision-maker may not. Remember to share your offer, why and how you got started, and where you're located.

2. Your Niche

It's so important to share who your niche audience is. Media kits are meant to showcase all the reasons why this brand should work with you and a big part of that is sharing a common audience or building on their current audience. Showcase who you attract with your business, the size of your audience across various platforms, who they are, what their interests are and overall demographics.

3. Previous Collaborations + Campaigns

Have you had successful collaborations in the past? Provide a high-level understanding of what you were able to bring to the table here. Giving them an idea of who you worked with in the past will encourage them to work with you now, especially if your brands all align. This can also include, successful events you've had in the past.

4. Analytics

Analytics can really make your media kit stand out and make you stand out as a serious contender. Share any information you have that can work to your benefit and showcase your brand as an expert in its industry. Examples of analytics can include, your website traffic metrics, newsletter subscribers (and open/click rates), overall engagement on social media and more. This may vary based on your industry and what facts are most important.

5. Your Rate Card

Last but certainly not least, you want to get paid for your collaborations. Whether you're a panel speaker or creating content or a business looking to collaborate with another, it's important to be upfront and honest about your rates. Make your offer clear and easy to understand so that there are no surprises.

There you have it - now you're ready to build your content for your media kit. Missing elements? Connect with our team and allow us to share some ways you can highlight areas to showcase your expertise.


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