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Waffles & Whiskey: Brand Development & Visual Identity

Like many, during the pandemic Mickey Kaur found herself searching for her "more."

While running a consultation firm, alongside switching corporate gigs, she wanted to create a business that would be her legacy.

It was after a family member's wedding that Mickey felt the importance of a post-wedding trousseau in which you would have a bit of everything but most of all lingerie & loungewear that made you feel empowered. Heck, why would you even have to wait for your wedding to build the trousseau of your dreams?!

The vision for Waffles and Whiskey was born from this mindset; to be independent, sensual, sexy, dark, courageous, beautiful and strong... regardless of your size or shape. Most of all it was about doing something for yourself.

Fun fact, J.Cole & Drake's In The Morning, immediately got stuck in my head as we chatted through the initial consultation. I felt like those guys were speaking to the woman we wanted to attract with this brand. Together we were creating a vision for this new business, with that song stuck in my head!

Waffles & Whiskey isn't like other lingerie and loungewear companies. It isn't about being pretty, skinny and "perfect." It's about that next morning when you're perfectly imperfect feeling like a queen. A queen that sips her whiskey and enjoys her waffles!

That's who Waffles & Whiskey is.

The vision for Waffles & Whiskey continues to expand as she teams up with her brother to create a collection, which we can't wait to share once the site goes live! Until then enjoy this sneak peek into this beautiful brand.

Mickey's branding experience in her words:

It was a pleasure working with Puja to develop a branding package and website!

Puja and her team were able to capture both my personality and my vision. I definitely recommend Roop Creative Agency to anyone looking to either create or update their brand.


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