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The William Osler Foundation 2020 Holi Gala

On April 4, 2020, The William Osler Foundation was set to host the Holi Gala. This prestigious event is the talk of the town! In order to get the contract, we had to submit a detailed RFP (Request for Proposal), with a sample design which would potentially be the chosen event branding.

We were overjoyed when we heard that Roop Creative Agency was chosen! Unfortunately like many other amazing events, this too was cancelled days before.

It was heartbreaking; most of the design pieces had already been completed. I personally, was excited to see these designs around Peel Region, from advertising in Cineplex to the Garden Square Screen, presentations, and even the program booklet which just needed some finishing touches!

It was sad that something we had worked so hard on was left incomplete. One of the best parts of being a designer is seeing the work in action. Maybe we didn't get the honour of seeing it around Peel Region but luckily we have the honour to share it with you, our supporting Roop Creative family.

Pictured here are only a few key pieces (there were 20+ pieces completed within this project alone)!

So what was our vision behind this design?

Well, we wanted to take the viewer back to palaces in India, where kings and queens would participate in Holi. Perched out from one of their galleries they could see the air filled with powdered colour and cherry blossoms. Pieces of poetry script filled the air with love, this was our take on the Holi Gala design.

Here's to next year and hopefully getting another chance!


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