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The Olive Box

The Olive Box was a business that kept popping up everywhere from my Instagram feed to conversations with some of my entrepreneur friends. As a wine and cheese lover, curiosity struck and I placed an order for my husband's birthday. I fell in love with the quality of the board, the artistic touch and the overall service. Instantly something also clicked between the owner Sunny Rai and myself.

For the longest time, Sunny had been taking orders by Instagram DM. Although this worked when she initially started her business, it was by no means sustainable. As her business started to catch the attention of large corporations, she knew it was time to build a website that showcased her professional brand experience.

There were a few factors we needed to keep in mind when designing

The Olive Box website...

  1. Sunny wanted to be able to be in control of her hours of operation. As a teacher and a mom, it was important that she be able to set up weekly pick-up/delivery schedules that she could easily adjust.

  2. Customers needed to give their orders in advance - since Sunny's business is similar to a catering business, customers couldn't just place an order and pick-up the same day. She would need to set a 2-day order notice to provide handmade graze boards or boxes.

  3. With more corporate and custom table interest, it was important the website be able to handle intake forms that easily allow a point-of-contact to provide all the information Sunny would need in advance to streamline the process.

  4. It was really important to her that The Olive Box be able to handle a secure payment process that could easily be translated to a mobile site as well.

  5. Last by certainly not least, Sunny is an artist and the website needed to emphasize this alongside showcasing the local vendors she works with to build quality graze boards and boxes.

Keeping all this in mind. We chose a CMS tool that would best suit Sunny's needs as a small business owner. After some research, consultations and a deeper dive into her brand mission, we presented the initial website design. From there, as always with our process, we had a few adjustments, some tweaks and rearrangements before we went live.

The last step, with our website process, is a recorded coaching session where we taught Sunny how to control, adjust and feel empowered with her website.

The Experience In Sunny's Words:

Choosing Roop Creative Agency as our designer was the best decision we made. Their professionalism, knowledge, communication and time management is unmatched.

They met our needs and highlighted every creative request we had. From design to functionality, it is truly a masterpiece!

We are still speechless with the full outcome of our website! It is everything we envisioned and MORE!


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