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Sugarbaker: Brand Development & Visual Identity

Sugarbaker by Ultra Luxe Linens is an exclusive bedding & bath collection made from the finest European fabrics. They work with mills in Portugal, Spain and Italy to produce heirloom-quality bedding for residential and hospitality clientele.

The brand name is inspired by the show Designing Women from the 80s. Not being too familiar with this, we dove deep into research to understand the impact this tv show had on our client, Jacquline Manji. On the other end, this product line focuses on luxury, making each piece an heirloom investment meant to be passed down from generation to generation. Although the original logo was made from the heart in-house, it didn't speak to the brand she wanted to present to the world.

We collaborated with her to streamline the vision to create a sustainable brand experience that would attract her ideal client. Our goal was to clean up the logo so that it could easily translate on all platforms and packaging design while still having an air of luxury to it.

As always we started with a mood board and brand statements. From there we built three logotypes that spoke to the essence of her brand experience. After a couple of rounds of feedback, we landed on a final design - that's when the colour palette was introduced and the final pieces of the brand including the font palette came together in her style guide.


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