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Right Track Education Services

I met Jane at one of my Instagram for Business seminars. We instantly connected and I was excited to learn more about her business/brand. I've always been a strong believer in education and finding the right educator that suits your needs. If it wasn't for certain teachers and the right schools I might not be sitting here writing this blog.

These days I find everything is getting more complicated - that's where Right Track comes in. It's an incredible service that caters to your child's needs at every step in their life- what more could parents ask for? It puts my mind to ease when I learn about professionals like Jane who truly care for education and guiding kids down the right path. I may not have kids right now but I know who I'll be calling in the future!

After taking a look at her old site, I knew Jane was ready for a refresh. The powerhouse woman I was meeting in person wasn't matching the brand experience on her website, newsletter, business card or logo. That's when we planned a full re-brand for all these elements of her business + new application forms and a refresh on her blog as well.

My goal was to clean up her branding while giving her a look/brand experience that is timeless, classic and truly her. I wanted her brand to be cohesive with her vision and who I was meeting in person. This was all part of creating her brand experience, from first interaction right up until her last point of contact with you. I can proudly say we did that + more for her and I'm so happy she's happy with the results!

Ok enough talk, check out her website, business card and amazing visual identity. To see what we did with her newsletter - be sure to sign up for it!

Here what Jane had to say about her experience working with Roop Creative:

I met Puja Mulhotra at her Instagram for Business Workshop and immediately knew I had to hire Roop Creative Agency to do a complete refresh of my branding, website, and other marketing tools. I needed a more polished and professional “look & feel” for my business’ identity and marketing.

After an easy consultation with Puja, I provided branding inspiration to her via an online interview and a Pinterest board. It couldn’t have been easier, and after those fun activities, my new branding identity creation was underway at Roop.

Somehow, using only this gathered information, Puja created a logo and brand identity that represented exactly what I wanted. She seemed to know precisely what my business needed — not only to reflect my values and goals, and appeal to my ideal client — but also to feel modern. She had researched my competition and the industry as part of her preparation.

The process with Puja couldn’t have been easier and more efficient. Much of our communication back and forth was done by email, with occasional phone calls to touch base.

When she revealed the website, logo, and business cards, I had hardly any revisions. As I’ve said, Puja just “got” what I needed for my branding identity and created what my business needed.

Included in my package was the creation of newsletter and forms templates, as well as a teaching session for using the Wix program - all very helpful and will enhance my business and systems. Puja went above and beyond throughout the time working with me to provide tips and teaching about social media and marketing strategies. I appreciate this very much.

I had a very positive experience working with Roop Creative Agency and recommend them highly to others. Puja is professional and efficient, and I’m thrilled with the work she did for me.


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