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Puja's Book Club: My All-Time Favourite Summer Reads

Slowing living and staying in has increased my summertime reads for sure. Which I'm not complaining about. One of my favourite ways to spend evenings is on my porch with a chilled glass and a good book.

The summer's time for a little adventure and fun. I tend to dive into fiction or very light non-fiction. So it only seemed fair that since my first book club post is in the middle of summer that I share my top 3 all-time favourite summertime reads.

1. Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert. This book is the reason I travelled to Bali before it was an "Instagrammable" location. Ok asides from that, it showed me the importance of being on your own, being alone and finding yourself even when it goes against the norms. It's an adventure, filled with lessons and significant truths that I think are so important for everyone to understand. PS: Don't judge the book by the movie - it's very different (can you tell I hated the movie?!).

2. Why Not Me? Mindy Kaling. Can this queen do anything wrong? I've always been a huge Mindy Kaling fan. For me it's more than just her comedy, it's finally seeing representation of brown people, outside of your doctors on tv. From the minute you open the book you're laughing. And I mean - laughing out loud - laughing. She's relatable, honest and just fun! It really makes you think and question - why not me?

3. When We Left Cuba, Chanel Cleeton. I love myself a strong female protagonist that is sexy and intelligent, so it only makes sense that I couldn't put this book down! It takes place in Miami post the Cuban Revolution, where you meet a sugar heiress who just so happens to be recruited by the CIA. She's caught between love, life, politics and finding herself! Now, this is part two, part one is Next Year in Havana which I read in 2019 and loved, but I do feel that this story captivated my attention more. You don't need to read them in order, but it's recommended to get some inside information!

So there you have it my all-time favourite summer reads... now I'm currently 100 pages into The Henna Artist and it's really pushing itself to appear on this list too - so stay tuned.


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