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Planning for Instagram

There is nothing instant about Instagram! If you want a professional, beautiful Instagram page, then you're going to have to start planning in advance. ⁠⠀ Sounds like a lot more work? To be honest, it's not. In fact, by planning in advance and having a strategy to follow - you save time. That's time you can then spend on your business. Listen, your service or product is not Instagram (Mark Zuckerberg owns IG) that's why it's important you are putting in the hours to build your business. So how would you like to spend your time? Debating about what to post or how the lighting should be in this image? Or on how you can launch your next service? ⁠⠀

How do you plan in advance?

First and foremost, find a scheduling app that works well for you. I prefer Later for my business, however, there are many others that are just as good. Including:

- Buffer

- Hootsuite

- Unum

- Plann

- Planoly

Next, you want to batch work and collect images. I love to batch my photos on days where I know I have good natural light. It makes getting the perfect picture easy. Now for images of myself, anytime I'm dressing up for a personal event I allocate some time to take a few quick pictures of myself. That said, most of my photos of myself are professionally taken in a photoshoot, but it's always good to have a few extras. Once I have these images I upload them to a media folder. That way I can easily grab them when I need them

I also have a subscription to styled stock. This is great for the days when you don't have any images that go with your post. Just keep in mind, it is stock and can be used by others so be careful and don't let your whole feed be stock images.

Last but not least, arrange your posts and write captivating captions. I usually do this bi-weekly or a month in advance. This way I'm only spending a few hours a month completing all my posts vs spending time every day.

Planning in advance gives me my time back and because of it I only spend 30-45 mins on IG daily (update my story, add the post and reply to comments). Take your time back from IG by planning in advance.


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