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Pink Avocado Nutrition

I met Cathy at a client appreciation event for Pure Studios. We instantly connected and the rest is history. From there I had the pleasure to create her entire brand, from the logo & visual id, to her business cards, all the way to her website! Oh and let's not forget the amazing facelift for her Instagram page (digital strategy at it's best). 

Cathy is a powerful soul looking to glam up the holistic nutrition scene. She is starting to build her empire now and it was really important to me to create a brand that spoke to her and her clients.

We opted for a visual identity that is playful, warm and friendly. Along side colours that are versatile but filled with personality.

This idea was carried out on her clean, minimalistic website, as well as her business cards. Leaving a lasting impression that is cohesive across the board.

We even worked our magic with a digital strategy. Cathy is looking to not only grow her business but influence those around her to live a healthy full life, which wasn't coming across initially on her IG.

After a few sit-down sessions and a new strategy in place, we helped revamp the way she portrayed herself online, targeting the clients she wanted all along! This not only increased her following significantly but also her engagement - which let's face it is the real win!

What Cathy had to say about working with Roop Creative:

What an amazing experience! As I embarked on my new business venture putting together a website was very daunting.  After my initial meeting with Puja, I just knew it was the right fit. 

She guided me, helped me create a website that really conveyed the vision I wanted.  I had her also design my logo and business cards, I feel she was able to help Pink Avocado come to life!

She was easy to work with helpful and always available.  Her style is current and her technical knowledge amazing.

From the bottom of my heart Puja, thank you, you made the experience easy and fun! 


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