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Know your sentence

What's your sentence? Best-selling author Daniel H. Pink asked Oprah this on her podcast - following up with ...every great person can be summed up in a few words.⁠ I've thought about this one for a while until one day it came to me.

My sentence is simply "I help people (entrepreneurs) turn their passions into reality."⁠ I truly feel this is what I do when creating branding for entrepreneurs whether it's with a digital strategy or logo design or even their website. It's taking a part of their dream and making it real. ⁠

Now your sentence doesn't have to be work oriented - people confuse it with the company mission at times. Your sentence is about your legacy and what you want to go down in history for. So for me - a huge part of this has to do with my work, but for others like my husband - this could be something that is external from work.

Keep this in mind when you begin to brand yourself and your business as it really helps create a strategy!


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