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Gujarati Foods

Gujarati Foods is a local GTA restaurant specializing in the taste of Gujrat (a state in India). This family-run business has been around since the 70s. With a transfer in ownership from one generation to the next, it was time to update their branding and give them a contemporary look that respected their roots.

For the new branding, visual identity and logo design, there were a few key pieces we had to keep in mind.

First off, the team was attached to blue but gave us the liberty to play around with a few shades. After confirming the brand colours, as well as working alongside their interior designer, we opted for this shade. The interior designer was planning on working with brights and pastels, so we needed a blue to be bold but not overly saturated. This ensures the colours don't fight and play well when placed side by side.

Next the team wanted us to respect the playful lettering. After searching through a few typefaces, we found this perfect one which we could alter and adjust to give the elongation on the G, J and R in a more subtle way. This typeface was also chosen to give them a cleaner finish that would attract new dream clients!

From there we added in the full name (which was missing in the original logo design) along with some characteristic pieces to give the overall brand more charisma!

As for brand colours - I always like to stick to six or less, but given the complexity and variations in the products, the team wanted to assign product colours. That's when we introduced the dynamic seven colours that would play off and work with the logo blue in all sorts of variations depending on the product.

You can see the product colours in action with the packaging design label templates, in the slideshow below.

With a new re-brand, it's important to rethink your online strategy. In this case, we were building a new one from the ground up. We consulted the team and provided them with art direction during their brand audit as seen below.

And that's not all! We're currently working with them on a brand new website!

I'm excited to share all this and more. In the meantime, look up Gujarati Foods and call them for some curbside pick-up!


Beena Patel, Co-Owner of Gujratri Foods, experience with us:

Working with Roop Creative has been a great experience. They helped to bring our dated brand up to speed.  They really understood our vision even though we might not have articulated it perfectly.  

They were flexible and easy to work with, and we never felt that any request was trivial. 

Puja is smart, she understands small business and is definitely creative, her eye for style and finesse is excellent.  It felt great to get a large branding company results from a boutique agency.  


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