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Eyes on HR: Brand Development & Website Design

Eyes on HR provides high-quality, bespoke, tailored programs that take on small businesses' HR challenges and build them a best-in-class culture. As someone who advocates and loves to empower my clients through branding - I was extremely excited to work with Sarah Barkwill on this opportunity to bring her vision to life.

branding mood board

We started her branding process by defining Sarah's unique value proposition. Understanding what sets her HR consulting services apart from others in the industry. From there we identified her various offers and how each could resonate with her target audience.

Although the subject matter is very corporate, it was important for Eyes on HR to encompass Sarah's bold, colourful persona in a professional aesthetic.

brand development, branding, brand design

Once we had a clear understanding of her brand mood and aesthetic it was time to start developing her brand identity and style guide. This includes developing a logo, putting together a colour palette, selecting font suites and developing a brand voice that truly reflects her personality and values.

From there we designed a website that streamlined her process. It's always important that your website not only match your brand style but also be functional. We wanted to keep the website clean, bold in colour, minimalistic in style and overall user-friendly.

Check out the full website live here.

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