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Darlene Janeiro Design Group: Website Design

When I first met Darlene Janeiro I was impressed by her entire brand - but her website didn't showcase who her business truly is and what they are capable of. She initially DIYed her site with her team but it wasn't something she was proud of anymore. That's where we came in!

As Darlene's business is growing, beauty alongside function was truly important.

Her must-haves included:

  1. An image-based website. Large image websites can truly bring in a crowd this was a look she loved and something she wanted to showcase for sure.

  2. Team Bios. Darlene has a fabulous team by her side and it was super important to showcase what they bring to the table.

  3. A clear understanding of her services/process. Although the old site did touch on this, it didn't go in-depth and show you what the team was capable of.

  4. A newsletter. Building a mailing list is super important as your branding expands this is the key to accessing your followers.

  5. Comprehensive contact form. A form that would really give her all the information she needed prior to hopping on a call with the potential client.

  6. Easy to use/navigate shop (without online orders). Yes, we wanted an e-commerce function, but we didn't want to take payments online. Because her shop is filled with unique items she wanted a purchase order system where she could easily touch base with each customer and build out an experience for them - even if they were only purchasing virtually.

  7. One-stop-shop. Yes, she wanted all of this on a single CMS tool, so we made our recommendations and found something that could easily work for her and her tech-savvy team.


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