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How to Create a Vision Board That Works

Many of my successful entrepreneur friends are strong believers in Vision Boards, but I never knew where to start, so in 2019 I took a class with my mastermind group and fell in love with this process.

Your vision board is personal, you should be able to see it every day but remember it's for your eyes only and not meant to "please the crowds". For me, this meant placing it in my office but also finding a spot where I can easily tuck it away if I have clients over. Your board is basically the "big picture" of your yearly goals. By visually seeing it every day you're setting the intention to build towards those goals. So are you ready to get started?

My guide to creating a Vision Board that works:

What you'll need:

  • Que Cards, I like to get colourful ones as I want my life to be bright and beautiful

  • Old Magazines or Agendas (some of my old agendas have the nicest quotes)

  • Scissors

  • Push Pins (I like to use white ones so the focus is on images and words, not the pins)

  • Corkboard

  • Marker

  • Laptop & Printer (to search/print images you may not find in magazines)

Step 1.

Take 5 cue cards (if you can make them different colours then do so).

Title each card into categories for life, these are the ones I like to use:

  • Personal (for personal growth)

  • Relationships (this can be between you and your s/o as well as any other relationships you have in life)

  • Career (brand and financial)

  • Travel (where you want to live and where you want to explore)

  • Living (home, car, wealth, where you want to live)

These are categories I like to use but you can always change them or adjust to better suit your life.

Step 2.

Under each category now write down intentions for the year. I try to write about 3-5 for each BUT...some categories have up to 7 (like Career for me). Make them wild but also achievable with action words. For example, I want to start a newsletter and have 30 new subscribers every month.

Step 3.

Find an image to go with that card that matches the words with action!

For example, if you write down under Personal goals you want to eat more of a plant-based diet then find an image that shows that and place it besides that card. Visual aid is very helpful for the mind.

Visuals can be found in a magazine or printed from images you find on Instagram or Pinterest!

Repeat this for all your cards.

Step 4.

Add fun, motivational quotes all around, that helps inspire those goals.

Step 5.

Fill in the board! Last year I had empty spots but this year I decided I want to see very little cork to symbolize abundance in all aspects of my life.

Step 6.

Place the board somewhere that you can see if every day! This sets a reminder for all your intentions.

Step 7.

Enjoy and have fun!


This process should be fun, and simple, not stressful - so keep that in mind. Also, as much as this board changes every year - don't think of Dec 31st, as your deadline. As long as you're working toward those goals (even baby steps) you're headed in the right direction. And sometimes things look a little different but still happen...ok that sentence is confusing I know, so let me share an experience... Last year I set the intention to book 3 new foundation branding clients a month. This didn't happen every month, some months I would be under and others I would be over - and some months I would sign a project that would be of equal value! By setting that intention and putting in the hustle I was able to reach my goals … just in a different way than I stated.

As I took down my cards from last year I thanked each of them - even if some of the goals had to be transferred to the following year. It's about appreciating what happened and looking forward to what's going to happen.

Now get going and start creating your Vision Board!


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