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Choosing The Right Mastermind Group

Joining a business mastermind can be one of the best decisions you make for your business. I know it was for me.

My mastermind is made up of female entrepreneurs from various industries, at different stages in life and business. No one understands my roses and thorns as much as they do because we have entrepreneurship in common. ⁠

I love all our meetings and find myself moving my life around to attend. It gives me a fresh perspective on problems I may have as well as goals I want to achieve. Overall the growth I've experienced because of my mastermind is priceless!

Here are my 3 tips to finding or creating the perfect mastermind group.

1. Have something in common. The reason I love chatting with female entrepreneurs is that I find they understand me in all aspects of life. Although I may not have children, it's a goal in the long run. So to have a place where I can openly talk about the trials and tribulations of wanting to be a mother and wanting to grow an empire, without being judged, is key for me! That's not to say this is the only reason I chose this group. I find they are all determined to grow their business consistently. These common goals make it easier for me to open up about things going on in my business, you otherwise might not see in my public profiles.

2. One person per industry. This is a rule I believe every mastermind should follow. The reason is simple, we create these groups to have an open space where we can discuss the strengths and weaknesses of our businesses and how we can improve. You may not feel as comfortable doing this in front of your competition. Although I'm a big believer in collaboration vs competition, there are some places where you need to just be yourself and share everything in a crystal clear manner. Now if your goal is to create a mastermind with people in your industry to ensure standards are the same across the board - then, of course, skip this tip.

3. Accessible in person. I'm part of a few online masterminds, but nothing beats meeting in person every 6 weeks. It allows for more transparency and vulnerability, and sometimes you need a little human touch!

So there you have it, my 3 tips for finding the perfect business mastermind!


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