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3 Easy Ways to Build an Incredible Newsletter

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Then it's time to build an incredible newsletter! Newsletters are nonnegotiable - you HAVE to have them if you want to build an incredible brand experience.


Well, first things first, you DO NOT own your followers. I don't care if it's Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or even TikTok, you don't own that list of followers. Don't get me wrong, these apps have helped me build my business, but they are just the introduction. At the end of the day those who own these companies, actually own your following, not you.

That means, if tomorrow they decided to change the way you see followers on their apps - you may have NO WAY of contacting them.

This is the only tool that allows you to speak directly to your clients, no middle man, no algorithm, it's just you and their inbox!

Need more convincing?

Ok, I know it can seem like a lot of work, but trust me the reward is there. Did you know that over 70% of people prefer to receive content through emails vs. social media? That's not all, over 60% of consumers purchase directly from email too. Think about the last time you saw a coupon code in your email!

Now that I've convinced you, let's talk about the 3 must-haves when building a newsletter...

1. An interesting and enticing subject line! It may be small but it's very powerful. Having an enticing subject line is what's going to convince people to open your newsletter. What is special about this content, tell them in the subject line to spark interest! Examples: Exclusive Offers, How To [insert subject] etc.

2. A Clear Purpose. Just like the rest of your strategy, you want to have a clear purpose that is cohesive and consistent here as well. This will set expectations and understanding as to what will be included, how often they will be getting a newsletter etc.

Ask yourself - what do you want this newsletter's number one goal to be?

- Sales

- Getting Blog Traffic

- Building Relationships

- Entertainment

Now you can touch base on each category just make sure you do it in a manner that works well together each time you hit send. For example, I look at my newsletter like my very own monthly magazine. It includes, a tip for branding and business development, a letter from me, coverage on previous client work, and some fun facts. Every time I send out a newsletter this is included except when I have special offers. My following knows that they can expect this as it is clearly stated in my welcome letter.

I also want you to keep the 80/20 rule in mind here as well. Keep 80% of your content "personal" (based on education, serving your clients as an expert and building value) and 20% a push for sales/call to action (this can be anything from 'read more on the blog' or 'purchase a product').

3. A Call to Action. This is one of the MOST important must-haves and honestly, you're building rules 1 and 2 for this one. You must have a call to action. It should be bold, bright and easy to find. Don't forget, place it over the "fold line." The fold line is an old magazine term, that we can now use here in digital marketing. It's essentially having your call to action button before the scroll. This ensures it's not missed and even if they don't read your whole newsletter they will see this!


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