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Event Graffiti

A couple of years ago I met Corrie a frendor (friend-vendor) at a trade show. She told me all about Event Graffiti and offered Vibrance Designs (our sister company) a cute floor design for an amazing price. I'm a sucker for decals so of course, I said yes! They had recently launched and mid conversation I found out that they were looking for a new logo design. Of course, I jumped on this opportunity to help out!

The Process:

  1. Corrie wanted something classic but still personable. Not too whimsical either as they catered to more than weddings.

  2. Researched her competition and explored her current company pages to get an idea of her business personality and voice

  3. We sketched out three very different designs and worked with her feedback to create the perfect one.

  4. Delivered smiles and a brand identity that has been with them for years now!

Corrie is the ultimate GirlBoss that not only runs her company, she works full time AND has two adorable girls. This lady has it all under control and has a smile on her face every time I see her! Truly inspirational and a pleasure to work with! If you ever need a decal, you know who to call!

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