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Your Instagram Bio

Don't forget your bio on social media. It's just like your business card and a very important function on your Instagram page.

Even if you don't have the perfect page, the perfect bio can help you get there.

It's the only spot on your IG page where you can speak to your clients and tell them what they can expect from your page. It can help push them in the right direction (off of IG and on to your platforms). It can play as a determining factor for many followers - helping them decide if they want to follow your story. 

OK - now that you're convinced, let's start writing your bio. 

First things first you want to think about the Power 5. Anytime you think about IG you're going to relate back to your Power 5. These are the 5 things your page is about, how you want your audience to feel when they land there and what they can expect. 

For example, my Power 5 include: 

Motivation (weekly encouragement to chase after those goals)

Education (teaching people how to better their business practices using branding tips)

Empowerment (sharing incredible stories of women from around the globe that are creating incredible brands)

Brand Story (client work, my journey with Roop, and everything else in-between)

Life (sharing my a peek into my personal life, things I love to do, mixed in with a bit of entertainment) 

Now I share mine so you can reference it back to my IG profile. 

Once you come up with your 5 the next thing you want to do is see ways in which you can sum them all together. This allows your viewer to quickly read and understand what they can expect from your brand. 

After that ensure you add your location as well as a link to your website. This helps with any call to action and ensures they know how to get off of IG and on to platforms where you can communicate to them directly. 

PRO TIP: Don't forget to use a couple of hashtags (no more than three) because the right ones can really help push your page to the right viewers. 


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