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Why you need a business card

Don't let go of the business card. Print less, but always have one on you. A business card is a must-have, even if your business is only online. I can't begin to tell you how many people want to skip this step. And those that do, eventually come around to it. I go to many events around the city, heck even if it's not networking I tend to talk up my business. For example, the other day I was trying out a new salon, and the stylist asked what I did. Later I found out she is planning on starting her own business. It was so easy to slip her my card, and now we have a call booked for next week! ⁣Or let's talk about that time I was at a friends wedding and landed a client.

See these people could have found my IG page, and followed me but I might have been lost amongst all their following. Instead by handing them a business card I gave them something tangible - they can tuck away and then probably throw (recycle) away after they have contacted me once.⁣ It's so important to have this little piece as it leaves an impression of professionalism. That's why it's an added piece to our Foundation Branding package. Did you know we now offer enviro-cards made of 100% recycled materials! Want more information? Book a complimentary 30-min consultation call with me today.


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