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Website Design Tip: Eye Contact

When you meet someone you ensure they feel comfortable with what you're saying by doing a few things with your body language including making eye contact. So why not use this in your digital marketing as well?

This is an age-old marketing rule, trust me, next time you walk past a magazine shelf, notice that some of the top fashion mags will always have a model looking at you. Crazy right?! I always encourage my clients to include a welcoming photo of themselves somewhere on the first page of their site or even in the about us section that makes eye contact with the viewer. Why is this important? Just like in real life, making eye contact with someone will not only make them feel more comfortable on your page but also engages them a bit more. Making it more likely for them to read what you're writing. So if you haven't already - book a branding shoot (with a branding photographer - they know what they are doing) and then post some engaging photos and watch the magic happen! Want to learn more about this and other great marketing tips, then sign up for our FREE monthly newsletter.

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