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Visual Content on IG

Visual content is the key to branding the right way on Instagram.

Did you know we only have 12 seconds to grab someones attention on this app? And if they are invested, then only 30 seconds to get your message across. This is why visual content is so important when branding on Instagram.

Here are 3 ways to up your visual content game:

1. Use one of your brand colours in each post to create a cohesive page. This is a hard rule that we never let our strategy clients break. It streamlines your look and feel and makes you memorable for a certain style.

2. Adding interesting props along with negative space will give your images more depth. Negative space seems to be the one most struggle with, just remember your whole picture doesn't need to be doing something - have a focal point.

3. Last but not least, think odd numbers with props. They work better and create more visual interest.

Take these things into consideration each time you post and you'll start to see a difference.


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